The Ultimate Solution for Windshield Protection

Welcome to EXOSHIELD Windshield protection film, we are excited to become international dealer for EXOSHIELD premium GT3+ product range from Alchemy Canada, we import GT3+ straight from North American producer.

Experience the difference.

ExoShield GT3+ is designed to deliver superior abrasion resistance, durability, and weatherability. The most optically clear film on the market, GT3+ is virtually invisible once installed. GT3+ uses our second gen endurance class nanocoatings technology to ensure no delamination and longer usable lifetime for your windshield protection.

Protection you can count on

Protecting what matters.

High clarity, long-lasting protection without compromising impact protection. Designed to give you 6X more impact protection, GT3+ is truly made to save your glass.


We stand behind what we make.

GT3+ is the first windshield protection film with a 3-year, transferable warranty. We’re committed to pushing the boundaries of WPF to keep you and your windshield safe

Disclaimer: Please seek rule and regulation from local authority if you are allowed or not to apply on your windshield glass.