Located in Clayton South, we specialise in automotive window tinting and have done thousands of vehicles across Melbourne with satisfactory rating from vehicle owners. Our goal is to provide professional services at affordable prices, and we guarantee customer satisfaction come first. Our workshop has recently relocated to Clayton South and become the new home of Best Deal Tinting. We are located right at the back of main street where there are shops, restaurants and cafes, also with 7 minutes walk to Clayton station, you are ensured to catch a public transport back home if you have no one to pick up or drop off.

Our products from top quality American brand include Solar Gard, Black Amor and Stek.

Our commitment as always: Lifetime Warranty and Workmanship Guaranteed

Our goal is to meet all your tinting requirements in terms of price, product quality, customer service and workmanship. Our service prices vary based on the make and model of the vehicle, but we always maintain our affordable entry point in this competitive market. We focus on service and quality to drive our business and to maintain our reputation as a trusted tinting workshop in Melbourne.

➤ Top line tinting product is SolarGard VTX Pro ceramic window film

➤ Premium product products including Black Armor Select Serie and Stek Nano Carbon film

Car Window Tinting-Car Detailing Melbourne

We provide 2 levels of tinting service as we want to ensure all products which are used are high quality so we divide our pricing list as Better and Best window tint.

Level 1

Better Quality Tinting

Stek Nano-Carbon Action series or 3Black Armor Select series Carbon film with limited lifetime warranty

Our premium Nano-carbon window films boast a 99% UV rejection rate, providing unparalleled heat rejection and virtually eliminating fading. Plus, thanks to its metal-free structure, these series also guarantee complete functionality for your GPS, cell phone, and other electronic devices—allowing you to stay connected on the go.

Heat reduction & UV protection: The Action & Select series offers a maximum Total Solar Energy Rejection (TSER) of 55% as well as a 99% UV rejection rate, keeping your vehicle’s interior cool and fade-free.

Signal freedom: The Action & Select series is a non-metallized film and made with 100% Nano-Carbon material, ensuring full connectivity on your GPS, cell phone, and other electronic devices.

Privacy: The Action & Select series blocks up to 65% of visible light inside your vehicle, maximizing passenger privacy under the legal darkness.

Clarity, haze, & glare reduction: The Action & Select series’ Nano-Carbon technology provides excellent clarity and dramatically reduces sun glare, ensuring a distraction-free drive.

Vehicle Type Price Estimation

➟2 front driver and passenger window tint only —> From $165
➟Small 2 door Hatch or Coupe —> From $285
➟Sedan, Hatch, Dual Cab, SUV —> From $365
➟4×4 Drive, big SUV & Station Wagon —> From $400
➟Tint removal —> From $50
➟Sun Strip —> fixed $50
➟Scratch protection with any tinting service (Door Cups and edges) —> $75
➟Tear & Wear scratch protection (Door cups, edges, rear boot & foot step on area) --> $250

Level 2

Solar Gard VTX Pro Ceramic

➢ State of art construction with outstanding heat rejection
➢ Advanced ceramic technology rejects up to 96% of infrared rays
➢ Total Solar Energy Rejection up to 65%
➢ Blocks up to 99% of skin-cancer-causing UV rays
➢ SPF 285+
➢ Signal-friendly so it won’t interfere with mobile phones, GPS navigation, satellite ➢ radio and other electronic devices
➢ Increased safety – keeps shattered glass together
➢ Helps reduce fading
➢ Rich black colour, minimising uncomfortable glare
➢ Many shades available from dark to light, accommodating any driver’s preference
➢ Limited lifetime warranty