Welcome to Ultravision Chameleon tint, We are excited to become only international dealer for ULTRAVISION USA in Melbourne to bring some unique chameleon tint products to Australian market.

What is Chameleon™ Tint?

Chameleon™ tint is a new product on the market providing style and comfort! More than 200 layers of unique materials are combined to make a never before seen chameleon™ film. 

Due to this, the effects differ depending on the weather, lighting, angle of view, and angle of windshield. Therefore, the “chameleon”™  name reflects the ability to change depending on its surroundings.

Chameleon™ Tint



Embark on a journey of sophistication with Optimum Blue from UltraVision Film, a chameleon tint meticulously crafted to strike the perfect balance between darkness and light. With a Visible Light Transmission (VLT) of 55%, Optimum Blue delivers a mesmerizing blend of rich blue and purple hues, creating an unparalleled aesthetic for your vehicle.

  • Perfect Middle Ground: Optimum Blue achieves the ideal equilibrium with its VLT of 55%, providing the perfect middle ground – not too dark, yet not too light. Enjoy a balanced tint that caters to your preferences and comfort.
  • Rich Blue and Purple Hues: Immerse your vehicle in the enchanting dance of rich blue and purple hues. Optimum Blue creates a captivating visual experience, ensuring your ride stands out with a touch of sophistication.
  • Clear Inside View: Optimum Blue maintains clarity from the inside, allowing you an unobstructed view of the surroundings. Enjoy the benefits of the tint’s exterior allure without compromising your inside perspective.
  • Elevate Your Ride: Optimum Blue is more than just a tint; it’s a statement. Elevate your ride and distinguish yourself on the road with a tint that sets you a step above the rest.



Transform your vehicle into an eye-catching masterpiece with the Chameleon Sunset Tint. This state-of-the-art film is not just a tint; it’s a statement of style and functionality. Developed by expert engineers, the Chameleon Sunset Tint boasts a mesmerizing color-shifting property that adapts to different lighting and angles, ensuring your car stands out in any setting​​​.


Key Features:

  • Stunning Visual Effect: Experience an ever-changing spectrum of colors that makes your vehicle a moving work of art.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Designed to maximize clarity and visibility, ensuring a safer driving experience with an internal blue soothing hue from inside the windshield. This will help your eyes relax during any driving in all weather conditions!
  • Superior Heat Rejection: Keep your car cooler with up to 75% heat protection, offering comfort and efficiency​.
  • UV Shielding: With a 99% UV rejection rate, this tint protects both your skin and your car’s interior from harmful rays​.
  • Quality and Durability: Crafted with over 200 layers of unique materials, this film is built to last​​.

Clima Comfort™


Introducing Clima Comfort from UltraVision Film, a timeless classic among chameleon tints. Renowned as one of the original creations in this category, Clima Comfort combines sophistication with practicality, offering a serene blue tint that has set the standard for elegance.

  • Pioneer in Chameleon Tints: Clima Comfort stands as one of the original chameleon tints, paving the way for a new era in window film aesthetics. Its enduring popularity attests to its timeless appeal.
  • Serene Blue Aesthetics: Immerse your vehicle in the soothing tones of Clima Comfort’s serene blue tint. Enhance your driving experience with a touch of elegance that transcends the ordinary.
  • High VLT for Subtle Brightness: With a very high Visible Light Transmission (VLT) of 83%, Clima Comfort strikes the perfect balance, providing a subtle brightness without being overly intense.
  • Golden Hue for Night Vision: Clima Comfort boasts a unique golden hue from the inside, specifically designed to enhance night vision and reduce sun glare. Drive confidently, day or night, with improved visibility.
  • Ease of Installation: Among the easiest tints to install, Clima Comfort makes the application process seamless. Enjoy the benefits of this sophisticated tint without the hassle of a complex installation.

Stealth ™


Experience the pinnacle of sophistication with UltraVision Film’s Stealth tint, a true masterclass in subtlety and refinement. Designed to emulate the elegant tint of luxury factory cars like Mercedes-Benz, Stealth brings a touch of understated class to your vehicle’s windows. This tint is our most subtle tint and will not be noticeable in direct sunlight.

  • Factory Tinted Luxury Aesthetic: Stealth captures the essence of factory tinted luxury cars, particularly the prestigious look associated with Mercedes-Benz. It blends seamlessly with your vehicle, enhancing its overall aesthetic with a touch of elegance.
  • High VLT for Legal Peace of Mind: Stealth boasts a very high Visible Light Transmission (VLT) of 90%, ensuring it complies with legal regulations. Drive with confidence, knowing that Stealth eliminates any concerns about tint legality.
  • Slight Purple and Blue Tones: Immerse yourself in the subtle interplay of slight purple and blue tones that define Stealth. These nuanced colors add a layer of sophistication, creating a visual experience that is both refined and luxurious.
  • Color Reveal in Cloudy Conditions: Stealth’s unique formulation reveals its true colors even in overcast conditions. Experience the subtlety of this tint as it subtly changes hues, showcasing its beauty in a variety of weather conditions.
  • Clear from the Inside: Enjoy a clear and unobstructed view from the inside with Stealth. This tint maintains transparency, allowing you to appreciate the scenery without compromising on privacy or style.
  • Thickest Chameleon Tint: Among UltraVision Film’s chameleon tints, Stealth stands out as the thickest. This thickness adds a sense of durability and robustness, ensuring longevity and optimal performance.

Slow Burn™

Slow Burn — Slow and Steady Means You Win the Race

Discover the epitome of understated sophistication and peak heat rejection with Slow Burn from UltraVision Film. Slow Burn is not just a tint; it’s a statement of refined taste and exceptional functionality

  • Subtle Red Elegance: Slow Burn presents a delicate and refined light red tone, adding a touch of sophistication to your vehicle’s windows. This subtle hue speaks volumes without overwhelming the overall aesthetic.
  • Best-in-Class Heat Rejection: Experience unparalleled heat rejection capabilities with Slow Burn. This tint is engineered to keep your vehicle cool and comfortable, making it the optimal choice for those seeking superior thermal performance.
  • Slight Blue Hue for Comfort: Slow Burn goes beyond mere aesthetics. Enjoy a subtle blue hue at the bottom of the screen from the interior, designed to alleviate eye strain and enhance comfort during intense sunlight.
  • Unobtrusive Brilliance: Unlike some chameleon tints, Slow Burn is intentionally subdued in direct sunlight. It doesn’t overpower the senses but subtly enhances the overall appearance of your vehicle.