This special package is intended to apply for customer who has brand new car out of dealership. We create this package deal to make it more affordable for brand new car protection combined with window tinting service.
If you just bought a new car , we are offering free window tinting with ceramic coating paint protection at lowest price possible. As for brand new car, if you don’t need to have paint correction service we offer as below

2 Door



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4 Door

Sedan, Hatch or small SUV


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4×4 Drive or big SUV 


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With these prices, we follow all standard procedures in preparation for ceramic coating application except paint correction procedure. If your car is brand new and no need for paint correction, this package is applied to you at above prices

Some add on services you can consider for your vehicle if necessary

✔ For window tinting, we apply standard mid range carbon window film for free, upgrade to Nano Ceramic window film for extra $100
✔ Ceramic coating product is Gtechnig Crystal Serum Light 5 years warranty, upgrade to Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra 9 years warranty for extra $150
✔ Interior protection extra $150
✔ Tear and wear package in most vulnerable areas for extra $150 include paint protection film for door cups, edges, step on door shills and rear boot shill.
✔ Wheel ceramic coating on the outside parts of the wheels for extra $100
✔ Glass coating protection with Gtechnig glass coating product for extra $150 include all glass panels of vehicle

If you think this package is suitable to you, you are welcome to email or call us to book in. As these package and add on prices are very low end of price so we do not do any more negotiation in term of price on this package deal.